"Where inspiration meets action, therein lies the key to all transformation.

And it starts with a single step."


Rebecca Cooley
Introvert Strategist

Rebecca Cooley is an instinctive Certified Master Coach, Mindfulness Instructor and author of A Mindful Approach to Coaching who integrates mindfulness-based stress reduction and relaxation methods in her coaching and consulting practice. For ten years, she has used these methods to help clients with relaxation, stress-reduction, self-compassion, and connection with others through public speaking training, interview preparation, fear reduction, emotion management, and life and career transition. She has devoted over 23 years to studying methods, from a myriad of disciplines and cultures, that increase joy, foster balance, reduce stress, promote healing and wellness, nurture self-care, and cultivate courage, connection, and compassion. She teaches private and group classes in communication, strategies for introverts, career and leadership development, relationship building, and the mind/body connection. Rebecca's mission is to help people live on purpose and courageously, move through transitions with ease, increase joy, cultivate loving kindness and compassion, and find their heart-felt purpose. She offers a compassionate, engaged, dynamic, and transformative approach to coaching and training synthesizing her training and philosophy. Each session is client-focused and results-driven. She believes each person can be a catalyst for change in their lives and is dedicated to helping  people BE THE CATALYST and realize their power and potential. 

  • Certified Master Coach

  • MPA, Strategic Leadership

  • BA, Political Science with a concentration in Speech Communication

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Training

  • ACT Coach 

  • Emotional Stress Release Mastery

  • over 10 years assisting clients with Public Speaking, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Interview Preparation Training, 

  • over 1000 hours of training in mindfulness, mind-body techniques for relaxation, EFT (emotional freedom technique -tapping), NLP, meditation, relaxation, stress-reduction

  • teach mindfulness and meditation methods at businesses, non-profit organizations

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